Websites that Can Help You Learn Web Development

With thousands of websites on the internet to provide you with information, it would be hard to find the right one that serves your purpose. Web development is, therefore, a challenging task that demands considerable time and effort for completion. Making a website look unique and appealing with every essential feature incorporated into it needs training and substantial experience. Learning web development is time-consuming as it has long courses that have to be completed, but you surely can opt for the relatively shorter classes. Regardless of the website or training center that teaches you, practicing is essential to excel at the development task. You also have to find websites that can offer you useful information and reasonable plans, and that could lead to confusion if you aren’t well aware of the field of web development. Here is a list of a few websites that can help you learn web development.

1.     FreeCodeCamp

One of the best free resources you can find on the internet, FreeCodeCamp is a website that covers all important topics for a web development program. Everything from CSS (Sass, Bootsrap, Flexbox, and Grid), Javascript (Jquery, React), and HTML is taught here. Responsive web design is an area where many developers fail to gain expertise, and it is this demand that led to the incorporation of special classes for responsive web design. You can also take up the projects and exercises to test your progress in the learning process.

2.     Udemy

When you are looking for an online program that covers possibly every topic, there is no better option than Udemy. The paid service is worth your money with over 80,000 courses ready to instill within you the basics of coding. You can also opt for advanced learning once you pass the stage of rudimentary knowledge. All you need to do is visit the Udemy website and find the right course; entering your requirements will help you find a suitable instructor for your classes. Taking Colt Steel’s Web Developer Bootcamp course would be a wise decision since it covers all fundamentals required to start learning the advanced level of web development.

3.     Coursera

Like in Udemy, Coursera also offers courses for free; except for some graded assignments, which are paid, you can access all other services without spending any money. Two Stanford professors founded the platform to help aspiring web developers. Over 1000 courses are taught at Coursera by top instructors from some of the most prestigious institutions around the world. On the completion of the course, Coursera provides you with an electronic certificate.

4.     Treehouse

With over 1000 videos to guide you through the basics of web development, entrepreneurship, and web design, you wouldn’t find learning to be complicated. You can plan your sessions according to your convenience and pace, and you can also select different coding languages at each level. High-quality service is guaranteed by Treehouse for the monthly payment of $200, which might seem to be a bit costly; it is reliable and worth the money you spend.

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