Web development is one of the most promising fields which will allow the attracting aspirants to help educate about the professional’s backgrounds. These web development projects will allow you to have some practice which will help you develop certain skills allowing you to grow in development skills. Here are a few web development projects ideas you can try for yourself.

One Page layout

This is the project which aims to recreate a pixel perfect design and make a one-page responsive layout. This is a beginner level project which allows you to have a fresher to test the newly acquired knowledge and skill level. This is one template which allows you to have a host of unique layouts. It allows people to see the real-world scenarios where they are looking into implementing CSS layout techniques.

Login authentication

The beginner level project is one of the best ways to help implement your JavaScript skills. This is one project which will allow you to design the right website with the login authentication. You can also use the email ID/Username to get into the login sites. As most websites come with their very own login authentication, it is easier for people to learn new skills which can help in web projects and applications.

Product landing page

A product landing page is one which can have a sound knowledge of HTML and CSS. You will create columns which can be easily aligned with the components of the landing page within the columns. There is a lot of editing tasks which includes cropping and resizing and using the design templates to help make the layout more appealing.

Giphy with unique API

This is one project which involves developing a web application which uses the search inputs and Giphy API for the present GIFs on a webpage. This is one of the excellent beginner-level projects which can help people use the Giphy API to recreate the Giphy Website. Giphy API since you cannot request for the API key to use it. This is another advantage which will be effective when it comes to Giphy API and does not require you to worry about the configuration, especially while requesting the data.

Javascript quiz game

The web development project aims to create a javascript quiz game which can take multiple answers which show the correct results to help the users. While gaining the right knowledge is not the trick which allows you to learn a few special skills which can work on a small JavaScript-based quiz game. There are many building projects which will allow one to deal with complex logic to help you to learn a lot about data management and DOM manipulation.

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