Your accommodation does not have the same needs as any other business. In the same way, your business needs for online presence are different.

Give your business the package of services that will stand out from competition and lead it to growth and profitability. We create direct bookings for hotels and other hosting companies by implementing specialized digital strategies that start from the construction of a modern and personalized website and reach up to the specialized online promotion services.

Hotel Website

Design and construction of hotel websites

Booking Engine

Online Booking Engine on your hotel website

Channel Manager

Online management of all channels from a panel

Hotel SEO

Integrated strategy for search engines

Hotel Internet Marketing Strategy

High-tech marketing tools for hotels

Hotel Website

All websites are not created in the same way. Nor should they. At IP Digital, we build sites from scratch, optimizing each design piece, every word and every line of code to reflect the identity of your accommodation.

The process we follow begins with a thorough search and ends with a unique website that not only looks wonderful but has been created in a way that increases interaction with its visitors, improve your brand and maximizes online reservations.

Hotel Internet Marketing Strategy

All of us in IP Digital believe in a holistic approach to Internet Marketing for the hospitality industry. In our approach, all the components of digital strategy work harmoniously to achieve a clear set of objectives. We have developed powerful internet marketing tools that attract new visitors and increase interaction with your site’s visitors.

In addition to the standard solutions, we are able to provide you with personalized solutions tailored to your own needs and the needs of your business. Some of the components of our digital strategy:

PPC Advertising Management for Hosting & SEM Businesses

Managing reputation

Social Networks


Custom promotion campaigns

Booking Engine
Channel Manager

If the commissions you pay to OTAs and other networks are heavy, what you need is a comprehensive strategy to increase direct bookings from your own site. Because of the commissions, every customer who makes a direct booking via your own website instead of an OTA gives you more money.

For the exact same service. IP Digital specialists help you make your own strategy and increase your direct bookings. The central point of this strategy is the high-tech Reservation Engine we offer, along with Channel Manager, so you can manage your reservations more efficiently, from whichever network they come from.

Hotel SEO

SEO is more than just science. There are various methodologies, but there is no guaranteed formula for success.

At IP Digital, we approach SEO with transparency and realistic goals for what you want to achieve, for what we can provide you with and for what your accommodation really needs.

Our approach includes:

Keyword Strategy Development

Adaptation to Algorithm Changes

Competition analysis

Content Improvement

Personalized Content Creation

Reports on Results and Education


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