Polis Luxury Apartments & Studios

A new hotel opens its doors in the center of Thessaloniki and trusts us completely with its professional identity and digital promotion.


A fresh unique corporate identity, a functional and impressive website, a handy booking engine.

Our goal is to create the best Apartment Hotel website in Greece, and we believe we have done it!

Corporate identity

The character of the hotel complex combines luxury and family atmosphere, with simple lines and modern colors.

We wanted to add seriousness and prestige to the hotel logo but at the same time to express the urban character of the area.

Color palette

Colors play an important role in the psychology and mood of the recipient. When it comes to the brand logo that represents hospitality, serenity, safety and fun, the choice of colors is crucial.

  • Hint of Red

    RGB: #F8F8FA

  • Swans Down

    RGB: #CCEEE9

  • Sinbad

    RGB: #9DD8CD

  • Tradewind

    RGB: #6DB6AD

  • Limed Spruce

    RGB: #2C4144

  • Outer Space

    RGB: #313D3B

Hotel Website

A Hotel website has a prime and clear goal. The bookings. That's why our approach to implementation has been in two areas. On the main desktop website and on the separate mobile site.

Wishing to maintain a single corporate character, we have adopted the colors and the austerity that characterizes the general design of the logo and the spaces on both sites.

We chose different designs for the homepage, the accommodation page and the page of each room. In this way, we aimed to isolate the main call 2 action fields on each page.

For the implementation of the website, we created an autonomous Custom CMS to increase security and ease in the handling of both the website and the backend management.

Booking Engine

Embedding on the website

Hotelook's booking engine Ηotelook has been incorporated into the hotel's website and offers the possibility of direct booking by skipping OTAs. At the same time, through the management environment, it gives the ability to manage reservations, prices, meals and other services.

Channel Manager

The problem of overbooking that occurred due to cooperation with various OTAs (such as Booking, Expedia etc.) was finally resolved through the Channel Manager service. The manager of Polis Luxury Apartments & Studios handles the reservations of all rooms, regardless of the channel, from a simple management environment.

Advantages for the visitor

The visitor of the hotel's website can browse the rooms, choose the right combination of room and service for the days they want, see the total cost and complete the booking through a flexible and fully customizable payment form.

Responsive Design

The booking engine is designed to meet the responsive design standards in order to provide an easy and meaningful user experience on both desktop and mobile devices.

Emphasis on easy use

By targeting direct bookings, we designed the POLIS booking engine simple, with a few steps. At the same time we kept the ability of customizations that the adept user is looking for.