Project Brief

Thousands of fabrics, hundreds of unique dress suggestions, dozens of excellent Collections, a great Brand. MonteNapoleone has trusted us to create their new responsive website, and their online promotion.


How do we define with one phrase the key element that differentiates MonteNapoleone's brand from its fashion competition? "The emphasis on perfection".

Based on this, we designed a responsive website that emphasizes the product and the distinguishing details contained in it.


Considering the large number of visitors from mobile devices and tablets, the website receives a responsive reaction and its functionality becomes accessible and functional to all users. As the orientation of the website is to highlight the product, an emphasis was given on the appearance of products on most pages - either as a mere reference or with further analysis

The addition of the two key modules - Concept and Stylife - highlights the uniqueness of the products and the emphasis on perfection.

Great clear images! Having this parameter in our mind, we created MonteNapoleone's design on a full-width basis, taking advantage of all available space and using long distances and paddings.