Project Brief

An award-winning chef, tens of great recipes, a brilliant idea. Home-made, pure traditional jams! What is missing? A website to showcase them!


The basic, indispensable and irreplaceable ingredient of a jam recipe is passion. Passion for perfection, love for the result.

This is exactly the energy and passion that beheld us during the implementation of

The product

Fruity and colorful, intense and spicy, fragrant and delightful. Indeed, jams and chatneys are a gastronomic temptation that can hardly be resisted.


  • Atlantis

    RGB: #B4D337

  • Mine Shaft

    RGB: #232323


Considering the large number of visitors from mobile devices and tablets, the website has a responsive reception and its functionality becomes accessible and functional to all users. As the orientation of the website is to highlight the product, an emphasis was given on the appearance of products on most pages - either as a mere reference or with further analysis.

Adding recipes and tips to the use of all the products is something that aims to familiarize the public with all products and the commitment of older customers.

ΤFinally, an interactive map with points of sale throughout Greece and the world, provides useful customer information and a list of affiliated stores.

Great shining images! Having this parameter in our mind, we created the design on full-width basis, exploiting all available space and using long distances and paddings.