Project Brief

Near the famous Baths of Aridaia (Pozar Baths), where a sea of green fascinates the senses and calms the mind, there is the new, fully equipped with all the modern comforts and specifications, Irene's Resort.


The unique Austrian architecture facilities of the hotel with its simple, high aesthetics and at the same time traditional lines, the white color combined with wooden lining that dominate the whole area, as well as the special unique location of the hotel in the heart of nature create a unique dreamy environment where calm, quietness, relaxation and comfort create and enhance the ultimate sense of peace and enjoyment!

You can make your reservation directly through Hotelook's booking engine. Both the Desktop Site and the separate Mobile version that accompanies it, promise a unique and complete browsing experience.


Desktop Website

Using the entire screen area, Irene's Resort's full width desktop website combines elegance and bedazzlement. Large images that highlight its beautiful spaces and spectacular view and large fonts with paddings to maintain the balance.

Mobile site

A separate Mobile Site accompanies the basic Desktop version, wanting to reach all target groups in the most effective way. This specially formatted version offers easier navigation and usability in every step of the booking thus offering a distinct user experience.

Color Palette

Emphasizing luxury! This is the goal. The answer was given using absolute black in combination with soft brown, wrapped in a neutral white veil.

  • Black

    RGB: #000000

  • Antique Brass

    RGB: #C99A76

  • White

    RGB: #ffffff