Project Brief

A hotel that stands out, different from the others. Situated on a magnificent site of the unique Corfu, using historic buildings and combining comfort and luxury.
Objective: More bookings and more Commitment to the old visitors.

Challenge accepted!


To achieve the goal, we followed two patterns. Firstly, the creation of a direct and indirect benefit to the visitor of the website and secondly, motivation to make a reservation with a subtle time pressure.

Practically this included a gift to all visitors who would like to give their email to receive it. A multi-page tourist guide of Corfu in pdf and a discount booking coupon. With that, a series of emails created nostalgia and anticipation to visit the hotel, using story telling.

Lead Capture Page

A distinctive and attractive window that is placed on the original (or not only) page of the website and prompts the visitor to receive the hotel's gift to him.

It is customary for such forms to produce negative results when they are not properly set. Our years of specializing specialization in Digital Marketing has shown that the results are spectacularly positive.

Tourist Guide

We named the guide, "Corfu through our eyes" and we put in its 11 pages the most useful information that a first-timer tourist in Corfu is looking for.

Our writing team undertook the creation of the texts in two languages and our artistic team dressed it in the style, colors and philosophy of this amazing hotel.

This was the first gift to all visitors of the website. All we asked of them was their valuable email to send it to them.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective marketing tools that can be used to develop long-lasting relationships of fidelity and interaction with your customers.

In the hospitality industry, being able to tell your future visitors what features distinguish you from the competition, can make a difference and can turn the visit to your site into a direct booking. Content marketing can help you tell your own story.

Creating content for an accommodation provider doesn’t mean just writing text, but it is directly related to attracting the attention of the potential visitor and interacting with him at the stage of his research for his trip. We can help you develop the exact content that will inspire your website’s visitor and lead him to become a guest of your accommodation. For this purpose, we provide you with services of creating informative and attractive content or optimizing the existing one for its best performance in relation to other marketing actions.

Email Marketing actions

  • - Creation of a complete email promotion policy
  • - Automated campaign creation
  • - Optimization of message content
  • - Creation of complete reports and offering detailed statistics
  • - Education and support