Top 5 Frameworks for Web Application

Web development has always been a challenging job, and it is only getting harder with the influx of better technology and requirements. Although issues are increasing, a steady rise in solutions have also been recorded. A software framework that is designed to support the development of web resources, web APIs and web services is known as a web application framework. Development of applications become faster as you use frameworks, which are libraries that can aid in taking wider strides to completion smartly. Since the web frameworks are increasing in number greatly, picking up the right one for your needs might be a strenuous task. Here is a list of the best frameworks that are available online.

1.     Ruby on Rails

If you have been using a typical Java framework to develop an application, you can easily distinguish between the one you use and Ruby on Rails. The development speed with Rails is around ten times more than Java, making it an extremely productive web application framework. This framework, written by David Heinemeier Hansson, includes all the necessary tools to create a web application that is driven by a database. The language used in this framework is Ruby, and the latest version is available, which you can try for its smooth functioning. Ruby on Rails is used by websites like Airbnb, UrbanDictionary, Github, GroupOn, and Shopify.

2.     Django

Meeting the fast-moving deadlines would become a hassle when the workload increases, which can further lead to the compromise in quality. Django has been developed to solve this issue with its fast, scalable, secure, and versatile interface. You get to build quality web applications by meeting the deadlines and pleasing the experienced web developers. The language used in Django is Python with the latest version being Django 1.9.2. Disqus, Quora, Pinterest, and Instagram use Django.

3.     Angular

A framework developed by Google, Angular is a great option when you want to build robust applications. All the sites that want high-quality performance by remaining easily maintainable can use Angular. Several web apps have been developed using Angular, which uses JavaScript for coding with the latest version being Angular 7.1.5. YouTube on PS3, Netflix, and Weather are websites that use Angular.

4.     ASP.NET

Microsoft gave roots to the framework named ASP.NET that helps in the development of strong web applications for mobile devices and PCs. This lightweight, high-performance framework paves the path to a powerful, fast, and productive development process. The language used in ASP.NET is C, and the latest version is ASP.NET 5. TacoBell, GettyImages, and StackOverflow are some of the websites that use ASP.NET.

5.     METEOR

If you are looking for a radically simpler way to develop real-time web and mobile apps, Meteor is hands down, the best option. Production of cross-platform code and rapid prototyping is available in Meteor across Web, iOS, and Android. The complexity of scaling, monitoring, and deployment has been brought down significantly by Meteor’s cloud platform- Galaxy. This framework uses JavaScript and has the latest version named as Meteor 1.2.1. Telescope, HaggleMate, and WishPool are some among the many websites that use Meteor.

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